Consider Datatrend Your Extended Team of Infrastructure Experts

Leave the hardware to us.
Our technical knowledge and expertise assure turnkey services. Datatrend offers a range of services to ISVs and OEMs according to their needs, with turnkey ease or “a la carte” flexibility.

Turnkey Infrastructure Design and Deployment: Datatrend expertly architects, procures, integrates and deploys hardware along with OS and applications as a complete package, factoring converged or hyper-converged compute, storage and network infrastructure

  • Consulting & Architecting/ Design In
  • Testing & certification
  • Pre-sales Engineering / Co-selling support
  • Custom branding & packaging
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement & inventory (e.g. pre-staging)
  • Configuration: standardization & implementation
  • Staging, integration, assembly, burn-in; deployment prep
  • QA & testing
  • Installation
  • Shipping & logistics management (central U.S. integration facility; international shipping)
  • Custom online ordering and tracking portal
  • Superior customer Service and Support
  • Global on-site support through leading infrastructure brands

Direct or Supporting Role/Visibility with End-users: Datatrend will co-develop or architect a solution behind the scenes as an invisible partner or directly with the end user, traveling to the facility to meet and properly design the right solution. In the case of an ISV, they can maintain software margin, increase services margin and/or add hardware margin, if desired.

Private and co-branding value: Leverage the reputation, predictable performance and global support by co-branding with leading infrastructure brands; choose to package your unique brand in custom hardware, from bezels, firmware and packaging to UI designs.

Custom online ordering & tracking: Portal allows for easy ordering of your pre-configured bill of materials (BOM), and allows shipment status tracking to assure your delivery is correct, complete and on time.

Flexible International Shipping and Legal Title Transfer Facilitation: Datatrend can drop ship direct to end clients.  For ISVs, this means they don’t have to assume title and run hardware on their books. For OEMs, they gain immediate billing and return on working capital. Datatrend also can efficiently ship through the ISV/OEM, with multi-pass title transfer. We provide global title transfer for our ISV partners and their end users, or with OEM partners working silently behind the scenes as an extension of their team.

Financial Flexibility: As a private company, we can be creative with finances with any kind of business and help you work out a custom financial plan to help you grow.

Please contact us or call 800.367.7472 to explore how we can help you add value, speed to market, and boost customer satisfaction with flawless solution deployment.