OEMs Realize Speed to Revenue with Flexible and Reliable Infrastructure Sourcing and Integration

Infrastructure Matters
Hardware is clearly an integral aspect of OEM solutions. OEMs recognize the importance of premium infrastructure in their total solution, including global service and support.

We Can Help You Manage the Hard Stuff
Datatrend offers an array of services and tools for OEMs to leverage, freeing up the challenge points in working with your hardware infrastructure partners. Datatrend inside sales and project leads manage engineering (design to post sale install/support), supply chain, finance, and integration – the primary pillars for our OEM business.

OEM Field Deployment Experience
Datatrend has design and implementation experience to address the  unique field deployment considerations, including form factor, environmental performance and custom branding visibility.

Gain Agility, Efficiency AND Custom Service
Datatrend’s nimble business model provides higher service through engineering project managers, consistent contact on order and relationship management, financial/terms flexibility and quick turn shipping through stocking products and ‘Zero’ queue build on integration benches (with on-demand access to product/components without lag).

Streamlined Sales to Make it a Done Deal, Faster
Datatrend understands and caters to the OEM sales process, completing deals in a flexible and fast way while executing well.

  • Datatrend’s flexible “sell to” or “sell through” model allows OEMs to take title possession for transfer to end client.
  • Datatrend program services minimized risk for the OEMs, allowing them to focus on the business outcomes. (vs recent trends of vm-enabled decoupling around price)
  • Our online tool simplifies orders and order management and tracking for OEMs and end customers.
  • Single SKU Bill of Materials (BoM): With custom BoMs, software applications and accessories can be input and individually selected. The BoM expands to encompass all supporting materials and processes in Datatrend’s environment, along with work instructions for a specific build.

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