Datatrend’s unique “factory” approach for BMC ADDM users

Business Application Modeling FactoryBusiness Application Modeling refers to the creation of a database model which represents the current state of “interesting” software applications on your network. When you have created an automatically updated model you can then employ BMC Technology Consulting & Implementation for managing things like application availability, change control, data quality for CMDB, data center optimization, standardization, and virtualization. Thus, the benefits are profound.

To properly and thoroughly model the business applications in your environment, you need a deep understanding of the application – its structure, components, dependencies, and communications. This involves creating “patterns” to recognize applications according to rules that you define, and to create a representation of them in the data store. One of the easiest ways to understand the structure is to do some sort of visualization, and then from that determine the components and connections that are important to model. But all of this can be time consuming and resource intensive without the right tools and approach.

We make it easy for you by providing you with a portfolio of mapped and modeled applications so you can take full advantage of BMC Technology Consulting & Implementation… which will enable you to derive real, bottom-line benefits to your organization in terms of cost take-out through standardization, virtualization, and optimization of infrastructure and resources. Not to mention improved user and customer experience through application availability, data quality, and more.

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