Server Optimization Lower data center costs, decrease energy usage, reduce security risks, improve manageability and improve availability.

Server sprawl is becoming an increasingly costly problem, because server spending doesn’t stop with the hardware itself. Maintenance costs, energy usage, systems management software, dedicated floor space and help desk calls are the hidden costs behind each server in your IT infrastructure.

The more servers you add, the more complicated your system becomes – making it even trickier to keep track of your infrastructure and maintain virus protection and security software.

And even if you’ve used virtualization to attack physical server sprawl, new problems can arise. With virtual servers, you click a button and you are quite literally ready to go. Because of this, “virtual server sprawl” is occurring now too as some IT admins can get a bit click happy and install far more servers than necessary.

Efficiency is King

When considering the most important aspects of maintaining a successful business, one that repeatedly comes up is efficiency. The ability for a company and the hardware that runs it to change, adapt, and consolidate is extremely important and will lead to a climate of efficiency that drives every aspect of the company toward more success. There are few better ways to boost efficiency than to consolidate your servers and, instead of working against them, have them work all for you.

Gain the Competitive Advantage

In the global marketplace, companies are always looking for any opportunity to gain a substantial competitive advantage. Whether that is lowering their price, targeting new audience segments or developing new revenue streams, companies are constantly searching for ways to edge the competition. During this search, many forget the costs of server sprawl in their data centers. From maintenance costs to energy use to all of the software, floor space and even support, having servers not consolidated literally drags the company down.

There are many benefits of server consolidation, and these three should seal the deal and have you looking to consolidate:

Quite Simply, Lower Number of Physical Servers
– This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s true … lowering the number of servers means reducing the maintenance costs, the energy they will require, the square footage to house them, and employees to check and support them.

Security – It should come as no surprise that when you have server sprawl and information spread out all over multiple servers running to different places, your data is far less secure. By consolidating and using server optimization, your information is much more secure and stable.

Power – What many people don’t know is this: spreading your workloads out over a great number of servers can actually reduce the speed, efficiency and power of your output. By consolidating your servers into a limited number of data center locations (or a single one), you can create a streamlined and powerful foundation to support all your business needs.

An Optimized Server Environment

So how do you assess your current situation? Datatrend offers innovative solutions that generates a complete inventory of a server environment in order to identify cost-saving opportunities, such as unnecessary services, virus protection problems and outdated or under-utilized servers. Datatrend can now also provide server consolidation analytics and business case scenarios.

Datatrend solutions not only include server consolidation, but also server containment and virtualization. Centralize your servers into a single or fewer number of data center locations. Consolidate many under-powered servers into fewer, more powerful servers. Or, choose virtualization and run dozens of virtual servers from one physical server. And we’ll give you guidance on how to avoid virtual server sprawl.

Achieve Bottom-Line Benefits

With Datatrend as your partner, you can eliminate server sprawl (whether physical or virtual) and create an optimized, streamlined server system. We’ll help you pick the right server optimization solution or a combination of techniques. No matter what methods you choose, the results will be clear: lower data center costs, decreased energy usage, reduced security risks, improved manageability and improved availability.

Let Datatrend help you gain efficiencies and achieve bottom-line benefits. Talk with our experts today about server consolidation and server optimization. Please contact us or call 800.367.7472 to explore how we can optimize IT solutions to meet your technical and business goals.