IBM PureData

The Relevancy of IBM PureData System Joining the IBM PureSystems Portfolio

The growing volume of data created by companies is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.  Accessing data is critical for organizational success; however analyzing data can be arduous and expensive.  Application demands and workload characteristics pose software and hardware challenges that overwhelm IT resources.  The IBM PureData System family helps IT professionals eliminate time, effort, and resources that are required to build, optimize, and manage complex data systems.

IBM PureData System family is now part of the IBM PureSystems expert integrated systems portfolio, which also includes IBM PureFlex System and IBM PureApplication System.  This is an exciting change for IT professionals looking for a new platform to optimize today’s data workloads as well as future applications and workloads.  Built on the premise that distinct workloads require systems that are optimized differently, the IBM PureData System offers three distinct models.  These models have been designed specifically to meet today’s business analytics challenges.  The IBM PureData System family includes:

  1. IBM PureData System for Transactions – An integrated, ready-to-run database platform designed and tuned exclusively for transactional data workloads, such as daily e-commerce transactions, that delivers top-notch performance, reliability, and scalability.
  2. IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics – An expert integrated system for operational analytics (for example, mobile sales apps and call center systems) that is designed to handle 1000+ concurrent operational queries, delivering mission-critical reliability and scalability and outstanding performance.
  3. IBM PureData System for Analytics – A data warehousing appliance, powered by Netezza technology, that simplifies and optimizes performance of data services for analytic applications, delivering speed, simplicity, and ease of administration.

The three IBM PureData models have been exclusively optimized for delivering data services to companies’ demanding applications, but with simplicity, speed, and lower cost. This enables companies to leverage the insights delivered by data analytics to make critical business decisions daily.

The relevancy of IBM PureData System joining the IBM PureSystems Portfolio is this – Like each of the IBM PureSystems, each member of the PureData family offers built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified experience throughout its life cycle.   This provides IT professionals with expert integrated systems enabling them to:

  • Reduce Data Complexity:  Effortless deployment, thanks to Netezza technology, eliminates the complexities associated with managing intricate analytics infrastructure and data warehouses.
  • Accelerate Time to Value:  Provides open integration with third party software and integrated management console that works out of the box and can be data-load ready in hours.
  • Improve IT Costs:  Having IT professionals on staff that understand all the nuances associated with managing data analytics is costly.  The IBM PureData System reduces the need for expensive IT resources.

Managing data and providing insightful business analytics to make informed decisions can present an array of challenges. IBM PureData System, as part of IBM PureSystems, creates a smarter solution optimized to deliver the powerful analytic reporting tools companies desire (and require!).  As a result, IT professionals can leverage these data warehousing systems to deliver insights into business operations for real-time decision making. The benefits of built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified experience provide IT professionals the ability to manage complex data analytics that provide organizational value while reducing IT operating costs.

Have you looked into IBM PureData System?  What do you see are the pros and cons?  Please share your comments here; we’d love to hear from you.