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Time to Revisit Your Network Management Software?

Written by Warner Schlais, President, Technology Services, Datatrend Technologies, Inc.

Are you experiencing network outages, application performance issues or growing pains? Can your current network management software quickly adapt to evolving complexities?
Older network management solutions were not designed to quickly adapt to new technologies and support the explosive 24/7 business reliance on the network. Legacy network management solutions typically consist of multiple unintegrated or loosely integrated products, each of which covers one core discipline, such as topology, flow, performance, or fault. These tools are generally collections of partial solutions that began as single products and were acquired over time, making for ineffective management of a modern converged network. Some common issues include:


  • Data silos cannot share data between tools and require tedious input of same data in various locations/tools; slows troubleshooting
  • “Swivel chair” monitoring—multiple monitoring screens, no true consolidation
  • Scalability issues – expanding the network requires scaling each solution individually with more hardware; and, typically, each tool has a different set of instructions, making it a cumbersome project

Are all the devices on your network being managed?

Another aspect to consider in evaluating your current network management solution (NMS) is whether all your network devices are being fully covered by your network management solution. If your IT organization is like most, they are deploying virtualization, VoIP, Wireless, Cloud Computing technologies along with a host of other devices—load balancers, firewalls, security video cameras, mobile devices, etc. This growing list of devices and technologies needs to be effectively managed to ensure reliable service delivery. Should NMS product updates be haphazard – support for new devices can take months; support for new technologies can take even longer. This jeopardizes your network reliability and your business.

Datatrend is pleased to introduce Entuity, A World-class, Innovative Network Management Solution

Entuity Network Management takes the work out of network management with an all-in-one, enterprise class network management solution. It equips IT organizations with efficient, accurate management capabilities that automate their day-to-day tasks so they can focus on their highest priority – service delivery. Entuity is updated twice a year to stay current with product enhancements and new technologies. New devices can be added under management in weeks, not months.

Entuity is not a collection of products bolted together—it’s a unified solution with all the core functionality you need to run the network in a lot less time. Entuity’s intelligent architecture improves upon previous generation management solutions to deliver unprecedented scalability without adding a lot of new specialized servers, databases or time spent integrating and managing disjointed applications. What’s more, Entuity consolidates and automates the varied network management tasks, reducing data silos, manual tasks and swivel chair monitoring.

Entuity has major customers and strategic partners around the world, including Oracle, Dell, BMC Software, Sanofi, Pernod Ricard, and the University of Minnesota. They rely on Entuity for:

  • Deep coverage of their always-on enterprise network
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Unlimited scalability that is both affordable and easy to scale
  • Fast addition of new technologies
  • The freedom to work smarter instead of wasting time migrating and managing multiple network products

The Entuity solution adds network management to the Datatrend Technologies portfolio of IT asset management solutions spanning applications, servers, storage and networking infrastructure. To learn more about Entuity network management, contact Warner Schlais at Datatrend Technologies Inc., and feel free to review the resources below.

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