Top 4 Takeaways

Top 4 Takeaways from the Recent POWER7+ Announcements

Increased mobile device usage, advanced analytics, social business, and big data are redefining how business is done.  For companies to manage these changes effectively, it’s imperative they find solutions that are affordable, easy to deploy, simple to manage, and efficient.

Bottom line, businesses are searching for solutions that deliver a remarkable customer experience that drives innovation and reduces costs.  To achieve these lofty goals and aspirations companies are turning to IBM Power Systems with POWER7+.  These systems consistently deliver high level service across the enterprise by providing rapid response to challenging workloads.

Recently IBM made some new announcements concerning POWER7+ (such as this one regarding Linux leadership for SAS solutions) and here are the top four takeaways from recent POWER7+ announcements.

1.  Accessibility

Not long ago the ability to afford, implement, and optimize systems that could truly leverage the power of big data and the cloud was limited to large enterprise organizations.  IBM’s recent rollout of several new platforms equipped with POWER7+ offer small and midsized companies the ability to deploy applications in the cloud and compete on big data analytics.

2.  Optimized Integration

In the past, small and medium sized businesses that could afford big data and cloud systems often didn’t, because it required specialized skills.  However, the new Power Systems offer built-in memory and virtualization.  These latest virtualization advancements help automate private and hybrid cloud creation, eliminating the need for specialized skills.  All of this adds up to an enhanced ability to deliver an optimized integration platform that supports the cloud and big data.

3.  Performance Enhancements

The new rollout included two PowerLinux servers: 7R1 and 7R2 which are specifically designed to handle intensive compute Linux workloads.  Each comes equipped with the enhanced POWER7+ processors and 20 PowerVM virtual machines per core.  Both servers blend high utilization and high performance, which deliver unsurpassed cost and energy efficiencies.

4.  Enhanced Security

Every company, big or small has security needs.  Companies work hard to ensure employees have the correct data access rights and that machine access is secure.  Regulatory compliance is another important issue, especially for smaller companies that don’t have the available resources dedicated to handle regulations. With the enhancements made to the Power Systems servers, organizations can relax knowing they have compliance automation and real-time security on their side.  Independent auditing of network landscape and policy compliance monitoring are performed by Power Systems PowerSC.

The ability to manage information centric applications and business applications that are compute intensive requires new systems featuring POWER7+ processors.  These systems clearly signify a technology shift is underway, and the cloud, social business, mobile devices, and big data are at the forefront.  These systems are reshaping the method for which organizational value is delivered.

Is your company thinking about making the transition to utilizing the new IBM Power Systems with POWER7+?  Check out our whitepaper and let us know what the driving forces are behind the change.

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