High Performance Computing

Understanding Key High Performance Computing (HPC) Benefits

When you think of High Performance Computing (HPC) you may think of the sciences—biochemistry, physics, geology—high power, highly complex computing applications and environments that analyze massive amounts of data and require massive funding from research and science foundations. Surprisingly, HPC is not only becoming more affordable, but also its application beyond the sciences is broadening to include numerous business applications.

The benefits of high performance computing in a business application can lead to top line growth and bottom line savings. More importantly, HPC enables a competitive advantage in that companies have greater flexibility to more quickly respond to business opportunities thanks to more detailed risk analyses and in-depth predictive customer insights among other benefits.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Goes Beyond Conventional Applications
In a conventional sense, HPC (a.k.a. “supercomputing”) is cluster computing—a network of nodes, each with its own processing power and memory, processing a portion of a larger data set too large for a single server to handle. To analyze each data set, a software program is needed, but in traditional HPC, that requires modifying existing software so it works for HPC analysis, and that is often difficult and impractical.

But here’s where high performance computing goes beyond. Technological advances have reduced the cost and complexity of implementing HPC, making it more flexible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. What’s more is that we can now build an HPC platform using cost-effective conventional components without requiring special software requirements to exploit the speed and power. And as the volume of data and need for more information increases, you’ll have a scalable platform that’s not only cost effective but also fast, reliable, and extremely easy to manage.

What can high performance computing do for your business?
Most businesses have a tremendous amount of data, but lack the ability to effectively analyze it to solve common business challenges—innovate new products faster, increase revenue, comply with industry regulations, etc. Until recently, HPC was too costly and complex for most businesses to implement. With the right technology infrastructure, you can apply HPC and better leverage your business data to make decisions that add real business value and a competitive advantage. From an IT perspective, HPC gives your team an opportunity to help the company deliver results at a strategic level today and in the future.

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