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What is Copy Data and Why is it a Problem?

If your company’s data storage is bursting at the seams due to the immense amount of data created on a daily basis, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Social media has created a wave of new data that companies need to learn to manage effectively.  Information created and captured from this new source is just one of many reasons your company’s storage is becoming bloated quicker than ever before; however a bigger problem is lurking below the surface.

Copy data is a big reason why companies routinely face data storage issues and experience problems related to backup, restores, and overall network performance.

Let’s examine what copy data entails and the significant issues it presents for companies.

What is Copy Data and Why is it a Problem?

Simply put, copy data is the creation of copy after copy of documents, files, and other electronic data as a result of multiple silo systems such as disaster recovery, business continuity, test, development, and backups all operating independently of each other.  When each of these applications performs essentially the same functions: copy, store, move, and restore, it’s no wonder content repositories are always teetering near maximum capacity.

Issues Copy Data Presents

The obvious issues of data storage and redundant tasks have already been addressed; however other problems can arise such as network performance.  Networks get bogged down by copy, store, move, and restore functions, which forces mission critical applications to endure the adverse effects of sluggish performance.

Another issue that companies are looking to correct is the exorbitant costs IT departments incur to maintain multiple disjointed systems that essentially perform the same functions.  As many companies move to virtualized environments and toward a fee based cost structure, maintaining antiquated legacy systems is cumbersome and expensive.

As network performance, data integrity, and IT budgets threaten companies; IT departments look for smarter alternatives.  Companies are beginning to ask themselves: why maintain multiple tools that function independently with overlapping data and redundant information?

Copy Data Storage Solution

The answer to that question is that they don’t need to maintain multiple tools. Applications such as Actifio’s Copy Data Storage (CDS) system is intended to solve the data storage dilemma and bring stability to companies’ availability and data protection.  Actifio CDS is a production-class software and hardware system designed to deliver rapid recovery time of minutes rather than hours.  Systems like this are exciting advances for companies that help reduce the total cost of ownership and provide application security all while ensuring network performance is optimized.

Has your company experienced data storage issues such as the ones I’ve mentioned?

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