7th Annual Datatrend Bowlathon

Held Friday, October 28th, 2016

$11,500 was raised & donated to Pay It Forward Fund – to support women fighting breast cancer.

Datatrend would like to thank and acknowledge the following people and organizations for their generous donations, for without them this fund-raising event would not be possible:

Joe Amendt


Greg Benson

Brad Brooksbank

Andrew Burgess
Marquette Business Credit

Ron & Paul Breckner
Data Sales Company

Country Club Lanes

Luke Cardona

Colin Chesla

Gary Ciempa

Charlie Cox

Datatrend Technologies

Tanya Dahl

Rick Davies

Kathy Dopp

Roger Downing

Kim Drill

Dave Ellers

Mike Emmert

Brian Flanner

Steve Garnjobst

Megan Gebert

Bill Greig

Susan Haines

Amanda Hammarstedt

Hanne & Justin Hanratty

Brian Hanson

Tom Harris

Adam Hefnider

John Henderson

Rob Hill

Melissa Hirschey

Bryan Hodges

Nancy Hupfer

Brian Jensen

Greg Kimmes

Michael Klement

Zac Koch

Eric Loes

Kris Logas

Darren Ludtke

Matt Maetzold

Joe Marquez
Marquez Cable Systems

Gary Meckley

Bob Meckley

Jessica Merriam

Craig Miller

Tim Murphy

Jill Nowocin

Julie Palach

Carter Palm

Cristina Parish

Britt-Marie Petersson

Scott Prchal

Sally Raymond

Debi Riedel

Jeff Rivard

Jimmie Rivera

Bill Roberts

Jodi Ronnie

Todd Williams
Fidelity Bank

Chelsie Sabart

Martha Santana

Christa Sauer

Morgan Scherer

Rebecca Scott

Justin Sevigny

Mike Steinmetz

Jen Treptau

Steve Troike

Phil Turner

Satish Upadhyay

Darren & Laura Waldrep

Mark Waldrep

Jan Waldrep

Ben Wallace

Susette Walsh

Danielle Whalen

Bill Wright

This is a great way to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer and we thank everyone who participated and supported this event.

Best Regards,
Mark Waldrep
Mark Waldrep
Datatrend Technologies