Actifio Atlanta Strip

Golf. Actifio. Data Virtualization.

Datatrend Technologies held a one of a kind event at the NEW Topgolf Atlanta Midtown and shared what you can do to virtualize your data to see instant mounting and recovery times.

With the amount of data doubling every 18-24 months, businesses fresh production data is taking longer and longer to provision and restore. That‘s why we‘re proud to introduce our customers to Actifio. Actifio is an industry pioneer of copy data virtualization and has been recognized by Gartner, and Forbes as a disruptive leader in legacy hardware environments. Together with Actifio, we have the perfect solution to help you not only reduce your storage footprint, but make your entire data set portable, instantly recoverable and mountable.

Here are just a few of the things we shared:

  • Consumer-Grade User Experience – Provision virtual environments for application development with no impact on I/O
  • High Performance Software Platform – Spawn dozens of database/data instances without consuming vast storage resources
  • Copy Data virtualization – Eliminate 100% of software and hardware licenses
  • Instant Recovery – gain instant access to copies for development life cycles
  • Data Center Scalability – Hardware agnostic
  • Advanced Reporting Services – Dynamic and agile SLAs

Datatrend works hard every day to earn the respect of customers everywhere as a trusted advisor on business and technology issues. Learn more about the Datatrend/Actifio partnership and please feel free to contact us with any questions or needs.

Topgolf2Topgolf Atlanta Midtown

1600 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318




2:30 Registration
3:00 Briefing
5:00-8:00 Golfing