AppDynamics Application Performance Management

AppDynamics is the leader of Application Performance Management for Production Environments. AppDynamics provides application performance management for modern application architectures. Designed for distributed SOA environments, AppDynamics enables application Operations professionals to ensure service quality in production and optimize all facets of the application lifecycle.

AppDynamics helps you to manage service levels, reduce mean-time-to-repair for problems, plan for application efficiency, and automate typical life-cycle actions for distributed Java/J2EE/SOA and .NET/CLR applications. In environments where code may be frequently changing due to agile rollouts, AppDynamics provides instant visibility into potential problems.

  • Automatic business transaction identification and transaction flow discovery.
  • Thresholds and alerts based on dynamically generated baseline transaction performance.
  • No need to calibrate code instrumentation to reach acceptable overhead levels. AppDynamics captures code level diagnostics for transactions that violate policies generated from real time baselines.
  • Dynamically generated real time views into application health geared for both Operations AND development.
  • Ability to integrate with existing tool sets via our RESTful API.
  • AppDynamics can scale to support 8000+ Agents to a single Controller.

Operations and Developer teams have different requirements. Both teams require LOW OVERHEAD and Ease of Use, but the context of those requirements is different:

Developers need easy to use Dashboards for Quick Mean-Time-To-Resolution for Application slow downs.

Operations teams need the software to be easy to install, deploy and manage their Production applications.

AppDynamics provides a solution that will ‘proactively’ fill these gaps, and enable support teams, in particular the Commerce team responsible for, to start addressing these and other issues before they turn into outages or result in a negative end user experience which could easily result in loss of business and revenue.

AppDynamics Technical Overview

AppDynamics is the leading provider of Software-as-Service (SaaS) and on-premise application performance management for modern application architectures in both the cloud and the data center, delivering solutions for highly demanding distributed, dynamic, and agile environments. We allow companies to monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and scale their production applications–gaining 10x their current level of visibility and getting to root cause 90% faster.

  • Improves visibility in distributed environments
  • Rapid troubleshooting that reduces MTTR from hours to minutes
  • Increased IT agility that allows for rapid deployments and code changes

AppDynamics is the only production ready APM solution designed specifically for distributed applications. AppDynamics monitors every transaction, baselines performance and provides deep code level diagnostics all with less than 2% overhead

Highly Scalable, Easy Architecture

AppDynamics is a single product that provides all five dimensions of APM as defined by Gartner. Plus the architecture couldn’t be easier: application server agents, a single management server and one-way network communication.

Key Benefits

  • Highly scalable management server supports thousands of Agents
  • Easy to deploy, easy to maintain
  • Machine Agent enables monitoring of operating system health and other server types like Web and Database servers.

AppDynamics Production Monitoring

Automatic Discovery, Complete Visibility

AppDynamics automatically discovers every component in the application, including backend databases, 3rd party web services and message queues. This provides complete visibility into the application and its health.

Key Benefits:

  • Discovery is automatic, so no time spent configuring the monitoring during the initial deployment or when changes are made to the application.
  • 100% complete visibility into the application means no blind spots in your monitoring.
  • Communication between components is correlated, so you spend less time identifying problems, ultimately resolving them faster.
AppDynamics automatically discovers

AppDynamics automatically discovers the application components, backends and how they communicate.

Business Transaction Monitoring

AppDynamics automatically discovers all of you application’s Business Transactions. Providing a correlated view of the end-user’s experience with application infrastructure and business context.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediately know when an application problem is impacting end-users
  • Quick prioritization by understanding severity based on the impact to the business
  • Easily communicate the business impact of performance problems.
list of business transactions

The list of Business Transactions and their health. AppDynamics automatically discovers the application’s Business Transactions.

Performance Baselining & Anomaly Detection

All application transactions are analyzed to baseline performance and determine “normal” behavior. Baselines are dynamically calculated and take into consideration time of day, along with day of week and month.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves accuracy of detecting performance anomalies and degradations
  • Adjusts with changes in application load, reducing the chance of false positives
  • Eliminates the high cost of managing static thresholds
baselines calculated

AppDynamics automatically calculates baselines for every metric collected.

Deep Diagnostics When You Need Them

When AppDynamics automatically collects deep diagnostics for poor performing transactions. Users are provided with method level visibility into the transaction along with the SQL queries and parameter values.

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly identify the root cause of application problems.
  • Free developers from troubleshooting production problems, so they can spend more time on new features that advance the business
  • Reduce MTTR, increase product availability and quality

Transaction Snapshot Call Graph, showing every method executed, the time spent in the method and any exit calls made. This level of visibility is provided for poor performing transactions.

From the Browser to the Backend

AppDynamics integrates seamlessly with BMC TrueSight to provide end-to-end visibility from the user’s browser to the application servers and backends. TrueSight captures the entire user session providing deep visibility into application performance. For poor performing transactions users can drill directly into the code diagnostics captured by AppDynamics.

DB cam

TrueSight identifies the physical location of end-users making it easy to identify when performance is poor in a specific region of the world

Deep Database Diagnostics

AppDynamics integrates with DB Cam’s database monitoring solution allowing users to drill directly from AppDynamics into DB CAM to quickly identify database bottlenecks (ie. missing indexes, full table scans and IO conflicts) and root cause of performance problems.

deep visibility

DB Cam provides deep visibility into the active sessions on the database making it easy to quickly identify the root cause of bottlenecks

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