Datatrend Technologies, Inc., a leading IT solutions integrator, was selected as the winner of the IBM NA Excellence Award: Top Partner for Financial Market, presented on February 12, 2019 at IBM Think in San Francisco, CA. Datatrend received this award based on their performance and focus on solutions in the financial market.

“On behalf of our entire team at Datatrend, I am very proud to be recognized as IBM’s top partner in North America for this strategic and important market,” said Charlie Cox, President of Datatrend Technologies. “Datatrend has a long history of partnering with IBM to deliver value to many of the largest financial services companies in the world. Ensuring that our financial services customers are resilient, secure, and are leveraging the best possible digital solutions is a win for the customer, Datatrend, and IBM.”

The IBM NA Excellence Award: Top Partner for Financial Market recognizes one IBM Business Partner who demonstrates significant ingenuity, modernization, and leadership in this space. Datatrend’s commitment to leading customers on their digital transformation journey has contributed to their success in this market.