VMware vSphere 6.7: The Foundation For Your Digital Transformation

As the VMware Enterprise Solution Provider of the Year for the Americas and the Global Enterprise Solution Provider of the Year, Datatrend Technologies is uniquely qualified to help you migrate to vSphere 6.7.

Upgrade or encounter:

  • No security patching
  • No enhancements
  • No standard support – expensive limited custom support may be available

Datatrend offers a simple path to fully leverage the latest VMware capabilities.

Step 1: Readiness Assessment

  • Basic Assessment – free
  • Full Readiness Assessment

Step 2: Migrate to vSphere 6.7

  • Confirm App Compatibility
  • Implement New Hardware as Needed
  • Develop Migration Schedule and Method
  • Coordinate with Application/DBA Teams
  • Execute Migration

Step 3: Operationalize New Capabilities

  • Develop Enhanced Automation
  • Implement Software Defined Networking
  • Deploy to Cloud or On-Premise Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Security/Encryption


Watch a Datatrend Subject Matter Expert discuss the most important benefits of upgrading to vSphere 6.7 here.

Upgrade to vSphere 6.7 now to enable the next generation of application infrastructure.

Top 10 reasons to upgrade to vSphere 6.7

  1. Reduce IT Operational Complexity with vCenter Server Appliance
  2. Mitigate Risk with VM-Level Encryption
  3. Drive IT Automation and Business Agility with REST-based APIs
  4. Secure the Data Center Infrastructure with Secure Boot
  5. Gain Insights with Audit-Quality Logging
  6. Maximize Data Center Resources with Predictive Load Balancing
  7. Modernize the Data Center with vSphere Integrated Containers
  8. Prevent Downtime with Proactive High Availability
  9. Streamline Management with a Modern HTML5-Based User Interface
  10. Improve IT Compliance with streamlined and scalable Host Profile Management

Request a vSphere End of Support Assessment

Datatrend will analyze your current vCenter and associated infrastructure to provide a list of incompatible and unsupported components to create your 6.7 upgrade plan.