The aging and disparate IT infrastructure at a top-five liquor distribution company with over 30 distribution centers across the US could no longer keep up with a company’s business needs to support their current applications.

Datatrend assisted the beverage distributor with the selection of their current colocation (colo) facility, installed new equipment, and provided services to set up & migrate their entire data center presence & strategy, including virtual machine migration, physical to virtual migration, and SQL server data migration. The data center migration significantly improved operations, accelerated application performance & responsiveness, and lowered costs for the company.

Customer Profile

– Beverage Industry
– North America-Based

The Challenge

Aging and disparate IT infrastructure could no longer keep up with a beverage distribution company’s business needs to support their current applications, specifically when taking on new business through mergers and acquisitions across North America. The company had a very time-consuming and complex arrangement of data protection services in place, including Veeam, Commvault, and DataDomain. Both their virtual and physical workloads were supported by their Veeam and Commvault environments. The complexity of this arrangement was exacerbated by the fact that after Datatrend migrated their current SQL environment, the current Veeam and Commvault environments would no longer be able to support their growing environment without a major upgrade.

The Solution

Datatrend was engaged to assist with the selection of the client’s current colocation (colo) facility, as well as perform the data center migration. We installed their new gear and provisioned all the services to set up and migrate their entire data center presence & strategy. The customer’s selections of Dell EMC, Nutanix, and VMware were utilized to move them to hyperconverged infrastructure and provide significant benefits and advantages over their previous virtualized environment.

To simplify the company’s complex data protection environment, Datatrend leveraged a Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA). This appliance has the ability to exceed their data retention needs for tomorrow by scaling to just what is needed today, all from the same appliance. The solution also allows the company to see and gain reports from both their x86 virtual and IBMi systems from a single pane of glass. This reduces complexity and time required to make data retention adjustments.

In addition to addressing their data protection issues, Datatrend was engaged to assist with the company’s VM migration from their old VMware-based farm to a new hyperconverged infrastructure solution. This solution provides expanded capacity for compute, memory, and storage resources.

The Result

The data center migration significantly improved operations for the company. It also helped to lower costs, as they have a limited IT staff and this solution allowed them to consolidate four racks into one. Additionally, this migration enabled them to manage their storage as an integrated solution with their virtualized infrastructure from a single pane of glass. The Dell EMC IDPA solution greatly enhanced performance, capacity, and flexibility, all from a single appliance and at a lower cost than upgrading current data protection strategies.

Utilizing data deduplication and compression, the company realized a significant reduction in storage overhead. Due to new, faster server hardware, as well as the overall aggregation of server and storage resources utilizing hyperconverged infrastructure, a large number of the client’s applications realized significant gains in performance. These performance improvements enable the company to process and analyze a larger amount of data than was previously possible.