A large casual restaurant chain needed comprehensive help with its IT infrastructure – specifically the deployment and installation of new point-of-sale tablets for checkout and the wireless infrastructure needed to support those devices and the rest of its restaurants’ operations.

The IT Infrastructure Challenge

The large casual restaurant chain identified it needed to be more customer-focused and responsive, provide quicker service and payment options to customers and minimize mistakes and errors involved in servers and wait staff billing restaurant patrons. In a move to address all three of these areas, the chain’s management decided it needed comprehensive help with its IT infrastructure. It decided to move to a new system of accepting payment from customers through a point-of-sale tablet, and it needed to install the devices and the infrastructure necessary to operate them. The chain was also seeking comprehensive IT strategy and support across its 500 locations in the United States – and the ability to do break-fix and other IT system changes quickly and efficiently anywhere in that network.

The Datatrend Solution

Since beginning work with the chain two years ago, Datatrend and its engineers have already provided installation, cabling, testing and general IT support at 70 of the chain’s American locations – with more to come. Point-of-sale devices have been brought online, as well as the infrastructure needed to support those devices and the rest of the chain’s operations.

Results and Benefits

The 70 restaurants that Datatrend has helped have all realized new efficiencies.  Customers are paying faster, errors have been reduced and customer satisfaction has increased.

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