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Datatrend helped a Georgia city upgrade its outdated data center infrastructure to gain performance and capacity, migrate from physical to virtual, improve efficiency of managing the newly virtualized environment, and orchestrate shared workloads for a multi-city emergency response communications system.

Challenge: Outdated Servers

A Georgia city faced outdated, end-of-life physical servers each running dedicated applications, pushing capacity. Client sought to update and virtualize data center environment for more flexibility in provisioning workloads. Past IT vendors were unresponsive and didn’t collaborate on goals, requirements and delivery/support. Client was spending weekends conducting on-site maintenance and needed a simplified management process. A second-phase project built out a shared  emergency response system across cities and the county.

Solution: Data Center Virtualization

Datatrend Sr Virtual Data Center Architect conducted discovery around initiatives/workloads, data use and growth, system requirements, etc., and developed a roadmap and configured IT stack for current and future workload demands. Datatrend provided guidance for managing the virtualized data center environment, installing and configuring VMware vCenter and working closely with the City’s IT team, managing Physical to Virtual (P2V) migration,  and training the team to manage the system.

Result: Data Center Efficiency, Capacity & Performance

Datatrend representatives were proactive with planning and communications and immediately responsive when contacted. The City  has moved from paper and outdated technology to a digital and virtualized environment, with capacity and performance to meet current and future workloads. With the remote provisioning and simplified management of the virtualized environment (plus the capacity to grow), the IT team was able to spend weekends with their families vs. in the data center.

The county and cities now share a state-of-the-art emergency response system enabling dispatch to police, fire, and EMS, as well as an auto-dialing phone and text notification system for direct-to-citizen emergency communications.

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