HealthEast, a large regional health care provider, required assistance alleviating their expensive data center maintenance and server threshold issues. Through Datatrend’s modernization of the data center, including server consolidation and virtualization, the provider saved 40% on power costs and reduced IT management time.

Customer Profile

– Healthcare Industry
– 14 Clinics & 4 Hospitals
– 7,500 Employees & 850 Physicians
– Headquartered in St. Paul, MN

The Challenge

This regional healthcare provider was challenged with server sprawl, severe power limitations, and the high resource expense of maintaining a congested data center. HealthEast’s care system relied on a large, complex computing environment to manage a broad spectrum of business and clinical functions. As new applications continued to be deployed, server sprawl hit 300. IT leadership realized the data center had reached its server threshold for capacity, power, and IT support time required.

The Solution

Datatrend completed a major server virtualization and consolidation initiative collaboratively with the HealthEast IT team. We replaced 184 small servers with five (5) high capacity servers – instead of one application per server, dozens of applications can now run on a single server. The consolidation ratio for virtualized servers increased to 37:1 (previously running at 10:1).

The Result

These major server initiatives were completed in five months. HealthEast realized a 40% reduction in data center power consumption with a 14-month project investment recovery timeframe. The solution decreased utilization of data center space, mitigated future expansion needs, improved application performance, strengthened business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities, and reduced IT staff time required for managing servers. The on-time completion allowed for faster more efficient access, boosting revenue and customer satisfaction.