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“The Datatrend team was incredibly responsive and asked the right questions. They took a logical approach to organizing our systems and processes, and implemented innovative ideas for our HPMIS software platform. Datatrend really helped bring UCare into the 21st century.”

- UCare Health Promotion

Ucare, an independent, regional health plan, augmented staff with .NET developers through Datatrend to modernize their database and improve workflows, response times and actionable insights.


UCare Health Promotion group  needed help updating its Health Promotions Management Information Systems (HPMIS), an online database for health club dues reimbursement, health improvement, and incentive redemption programs. HPMIS was antiquated – lagging performance, overly complex workflow processes, and inadequate reporting capabilities. It was in need of a major “overhaul” so UCare could serve their members more efficiently and effectively.


UCare looked to Datatrend’s IT staff augmentation services to help them modernize HPMIS. Datatrend provided UCare with top-notch development expertise through a nine month .NET design and development services project – The resources helped improve HPMIS to deliver the desired outcomes – enhance workflow, accelerate member response time, and provide useful reporting for informed decision making.


HPMIS which can now categorize data in a more usable format so it can be easily accessed and rapidly deliver important data when and how it is needed. It provides a streamlined workflow, enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, and faster response times. The more robust software platform enables UCare to better manage health promotions which support a healthy lifestyle. And healthy lifestyles translate to lower healthcare costs and happier members.

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