An international mobile carrier was facing network capacity constraints due to market surge in mobile video streaming, threatening service to existing customers, and discouraging new customer acquisitions. Datatrend pre-staged, configured, and staged multiple servers and storage units to achieve deployment in four months.

Customer Profile

– Telecommunications Industry
– Serves 50 Million+ Customers
– 30,000+ Employees Worldwide
– North America-Based

The Challenge

A telco ISV needed engineering and deployment for an international mobile carrier facing growing network capacity constraints due to market surge in mobile video streaming. Capacity constraints were threatening service levels to existing customers and limiting new customer acquisition. The carrier required a solution to free up in-network capacity across 35 data center sites across the U.S. An ISV offered a fitting video optimization software solution to the carrier, however needed to deploy at scale on new server and storage infrastructure to roll out across the 35 sites, requiring DC power.

The Solution

Datatrend designed a complete rack infrastructure with server, storage, network, load balancers, and power. We pre-staged over 32 sites of servers and storage, accomplished by building a customized private network to simulate six different sites at a time in parallel for the ISV to remotely access. Additionally, Datatrend staged over 1,000 server and storage units in preparation for site delivery and deployment, as well as conducted compression for video over IP and deployed to 32 sites in four months.

The Result

The solution created abundant capacity to service and acquired mobile customers with robust mobile video services. This project was delivered on schedule and Datatrend surpassed all set goals for the deployment. The carrier noted the solution was “the best deployment by any vendor in our history”.