Central U.S. Integration Center with Global Delivery and Support

Datatrend’s custom built integration environment supports large-scale, multi-data-center AC or DC power infrastructure solutions involving hundreds of racks or on-demand single appliance integration and shipping. Datatrend’s Minneapolis location enables efficient shipping to U.S. customers and global end users.

Complex and Large Scale Integration Agility

Our integration center enables Datatrend to deliver complex, large-scale and high-volume solutions with nimble logistics and quick delivery, including customizing solutions before implementation and concurrently integrating multi-system solutions. Datatrend’s solutions combine technology from leading manufacturers.

With certified engineers bringing logistical and technical expertise, Datatrend’s production environment operates with advanced networking, secure remote access, and techniques specifically designed for staging and configuring modern technology solutions. We asset tag, test, burn in, cable, rack, configure and integrate multi-vendor solutions prior to delivery.

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