IoT - Next Big Thing

IoT: The Next Big Thing

Have you ever wondered what the “Next Big Thing” will be for technology? Most people have amazing smart phones, televisions that run apps, vehicles with real time navigation, and some that can even park themselves. Did anyone buy or receive a flying camera drone at Christmas this year? What’s next?

Well, it turns out, the “Next Big Thing” is actually a little thing. Or, more precisely, a LOT of little things. And they are all being connected to the Internet… an Internet of Things (IoT). And it’s already here.

Phones, cars, televisions, street lights, video cameras, grocery store coolers, building thermostats, bridge decking & intersection pavement, building sensors, accelerometers, GPS chips, and RFID tags are all being connected to provide more accurate, more current and just more data to allow better insight, service and efficiency in almost all industries.

These IoT technologies have proven very valuable for real time insights, more responsive and agile businesses, and the development of differentiated services. But they also have their challenges. As people look for new ways to benefit from this mass sensor-driven approach, the ability to cost effectively deploy and connect the sensors, as well as the requirements to manage and process the vast amount of machine-to-machine data that can be generated, add potential complexity to an otherwise clean concept of “getting closer” to your critical business touch points.

Datatrend is rather uniquely positioned to help with the booming Internet of Things advancement. Our years of proven delivery connecting multitudes of devices via large, distributed WiFi and cabling implementations has established long-term relationships with retailers, hospitality and healthcare companies with multiple distributed field locations. And, our experience building the systems to ingest, store, and process large amounts of data rapidly and reliably have likewise established relationships with enterprise data center leadership. We now can use IoT Gateway devices to do some “onsite” processing to filter and/or summarize device data for more rapid and efficient data analysis and control, making a more efficient and responsive architecture.

It is rare that an organization has both the physical “feet on the street” across the continent to deploy and connect these IoT environments as well as the breadth of expertise to deliver the mid-point and/or back-end processing capabilities. Having both the device install/connect service as well as the data collect and process platform capability makes Datatrend a rare “end to end” IoT partner for end users or software companies looking to enter or exploit the real time data benefits offered by IoT technology.

Visit the Internet of Things solutions section of our Web site for more insight on IoT consulting, IoT infrastructure and IoT Devices examples, as well as IoT Implementation capabilities, IoT market applications and IoT case studies where Datatrend has helped bring IoT solutions to market.

We’re also OEM enabled to help IoT software companies bring their applications to reality for customers almost anywhere.

Datatrend will be presenting on “Getting Real with IoT Infrastructure Deployments – From the Data Center to the Edge….and Back” as a session at the IoT Fuse 2016 Conference, taking place in Minneapolis on April 22nd at the University of St. Thomas.

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