Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

Bryan Hodges began his career in IT at Morton Data Systems, a privately held software development company in Texas. He managed all  back office functions necessary to support a customer-driven and robust general accounting package. This early experience proved invaluable to understanding the pace and the ever-changing dynamics of the IT world.

Bryan moved to Minnesota with the intent to attend college to study architecture, but instead accepted a National Account Manager position with National Information Systems in Burnsville, MN. He managed all 17 Bell operating companies’ distribution of their users’ long distance service choices. Bryan’s four-year run grew annual revenues from $2.2 million to over $22 million annually.

A friendship with Mark Waldrep led to discussion of forming a company that would specialize in selling used IBM processors and disk packs. In 1987, Hodges and Waldrep formed Datatrend Technologies, Inc. Waldrep’s selling expertise combined with Hodges’s office management and process establishment experience proved successful.

Today, Bryan refers to himself as “The Datatrend Global Overseer”, examining all aspects of the company and participating in key decision making processes, as well as vital personnel selections within the organization. Bryan envisions Datatrend growing into a world leader in IT consulting services.

Throughout the years, Bryan has served on several boards, which include: Children’s Cancer Research Society, Human Rights Campaign, LMCD, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, and Alternative Rodeo Association(s) benefiting children in need. He has also served on several Florida not-for-profit ranches, hosting programs to introduce special needs children to the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding and care.

A resident of Sarasota, Florida, Bryan divides his time between Minnesota and Florida.