Mark Waldrep

Co-Founder and CEO

As Co-founder and CEO of Datatrend Technologies, Mark has been with Datatrend since its inception in 1987. He has been in IT since 1978 in a variety of roles, working with clients to design custom software, acquiring and developing technology and tools to aid in application migration, and working with business leaders in a variety of organizations to find pragmatic ways to optimize information technology.

Mark enjoys helping clients identify and minimize/eliminate potential project risks, develop successful project plans which identify critical path elements, and provide solutions tailored to specific customer paradigms. Over the years, Mark has leveraged his experience in numerous application migration projects, providing infrastructure solutions for mission critical applications, and assisting clients in resolving performance issues. Mark is an advocate for Datatrend clients working with manufacturers to improve their offerings in concert with end user needs.

Mark Waldrep formed Datatrend Technologies in early 1987 with business partner Bryan Hodges, who ran administration at Morton Data Systems in San Antonio. Mark crafted a practice at Datatrend focused on refurbished IBM Series/1 computers guaranteed eligible for IBM maintenance support. Later, Datatrend secured an IBM Business Partner relationship with IBM, based upon a newly developed EDX/EDL consultancy practice. From there, Datatrend grew its offerings to include application migration, SAN design and implementation, staff augmentation, structured cabling, and enterprise systems capacity planning and architecture. Under Mark’s leadership, Datatrend has received a variety of appreciation awards from clients due to specific project successes, as well as a host of awards from alliance partners. Mark embraces a servant’s heart approach to serving clients and positioning Datatrend as a trusted advisor.

From 1982-1987, Mark worked for Computer Options, Incorporated (COI) of Minneapolis, MN, bringing his Series/1 solution experience with him. In addition to selling customized Series/1 solutions on a cross-industry basis, Mark sold financial services, primarily funding client needs' for IT equipment in the form of leases, purchase leases, and rentals. While at COI, Mark became a member of the Computer Dealers and Lessors Association (CDLA) which later merged with the Association of Service and Computer Dealers (ASCDI). Mark served on the board of directors of CDLA for three years.

From 1978-1982, Mark was the Director of Marketing and Sales at Morton Data Systems (MDS) in San Antonio, TX. At MDS, Mark sold a BICARSA application that specialized in inventory control that was based in EDL on the IBM Series/1 system.

Mark is an avid bowler, taking up the sport when his parents started him in a youth bowling league at age six. Today, Mark is a scratch bowler and enjoys hiking in the American West, music, and is an auto enthusiast.