Data Centers Are Getting More Complex

Data centers are becoming more complex, data volume is rapidly expanding, applications are moving to the cloud, and analytics is emerging as a competitive differentiator. Businesses expect more from their technology, demanding consistent uptime and reliability.

Service Impact Modeling allows IT departments to understand what is happening in their data centers, manage the environment more effectively, and deliver value to the business.

What Is Service Impact Modeling (SIM)?

Service Impact Modeling is a method for aligning IT applications and infrastructure with the corresponding business functions and workflows. It provides a real-time graphical view of IT health in the context of specific business interests. SIM helps organizations visualize IT components as they align to the business.

What benefits do organizations gain from Service Impact Modeling?

  • Real-time graphical view of IT health
  • View of components as they align to business services and applications
  • Reduction in problem identification and response times
  • Reduction in problem resolution time and improvements in mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Reduction in resource and operational costs
  • Effective change management

Datatrend Empowers Organizations With Service Impact Modeling

Datatrend uses many tools, including those from BMC, to help organizations realize the benefits of Service Impact Modeling. These tools include:

  • BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud (ADDM)
  • BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management
  • BMC TrueSight Event and Impact Management

Datatrend has developed a Service Impact Monitoring Center of Excellence. We provide consulting, implementation, application modeling, and service modeling solutions. In addition, we provide IT staffing services built around the entire suite of BMC products.

Datatrend applies best practices based on decades of experience to deliver real, practical IT service improvements so you can realize the results and benefits quickly.

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