Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Is More Important Than Ever

Your digital presence is a huge part of your organization’s reputation. Whether it is for web-based commerce, B2B, global coverage, or systems of record, staying “online” is more critical than ever in the connected world of business.

Critical data and applications face threats from multiple fronts, including cybercriminals, natural disasters, ransomware attacks, and human error. The interaction between many applications, data sources, and networks, has made availability and data recovery more complex. How quickly you need to recover from incidents depends on your unique business.

There Are Many Approaches with Common Objectives

Today, businesses have many options when designing for disaster recovery (DR), or a higher target of business continuity (BC) to keep running despite an outage. You can have redundant systems in your data center for instant failover, or you can duplicate your data center to the cloud or another facility far enough away that a single disaster is unlikely to affect your business.

Your plan is greater than just recovering from an outage; you must consider applying cost-effective modern technology and the business aspect of IT – whether or not your applications can change (many cannot). When considering a disaster recovery position, it is vital to understand how to transform your data center operations in order to get the most out of the investment you have made. Technology, data, people, processes, supply chains, regulations, and much more are all part of business continuity and disaster recovery planning and implementation – and we are good at it!

Datatrend Delivers BC/DR Outcomes

Most organizations have a DR plan in place – some also have a BC plan – however, having a plan is only the first step. Your plans need to be tested and examined to ensure they work when they are needed most. The time to test your DR and BC plans is before a disaster strikes – not after.  We have helped many large and medium organizations realize the benefits of working BC/DR capability, and we can help make BC/DR a practical reality for your business – from concept to operations.

Datatrend has designed, implemented, and tested disaster recovery and business continuity plans for organizations of all sizes.