Why Your Company Needs the Cloud

The need for speed and agility drives cloud adoption. To stay competitive, your company must speed applications to market and adjust systems to take advantage of business opportunities. Resources and services need to be provisioned quickly to meet capacity, data protection, and security requirements.

Other drivers for cloud adoption include:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Meeting recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • Workload balancing
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Scalability to meet growing capacity and workload demands
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup and recovery
  • Security and compliance
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Adopting a multi-cloud strategy allows you to deploy many cloud models and services from different vendors. You can escape vendor lock-in and match your workloads to solutions from the companies that most closely meet their requirements. Not sure where to start? Our expert-led Cloud Assessment Workshops were designed to help create your Cloud Roadmap.

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Datatrend: Maximizing Cloud Benefits Through Strategic Planning

Datatrend develops strategies for designing custom private cloud stacks, adopting automation and orchestration of workloads, and integrating private and public cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud.

We have a long track record of overcoming obstacles to digital transformation, especially when an organization faces challenges while deploying a cloud-focused solution.

Datatrend Enterprise Cloud Solutions Practice

At Datatrend, we help clients optimize their cloud environments by automating tasks and enabling true workload orchestration. We work with our clients to determine which of their workloads are suitable for the cloud and find the right cloud solutions for them.

Our Enterprise Cloud Solutions Practice guides clients through the entire process, from strategy to tactical execution. We develop a plan, implement the solution, and manage the cloud environment.

Our approach is vendor agnostic, offering multi-cloud strategies that use cloud models and services from companies that best meet your requirements. We overcome the management complexities of the multi-cloud approach by gaining visibility into your entire environment. We can help you implement automation and orchestration tools so workloads can be easily moved between environments in the multi-cloud.

Datatrend Enterprise Cloud Solutions & Services

We provide end-to-end cloud solutions and services, including:

  • Application workload assessment and cloud mapping
  • Development of enterprise cloud strategy
  • Cloud provider selection based on your specific needs
  • Private and hybrid cloud design and implementation
  • Integration of public and private clouds along with automation and orchestration
  • Cloud monitoring and managed services
  • Cloud-based storage solutions
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery
  • Risk mitigation

As part of our strategy services, we include data loss prevention and security measures to help you reduce the risks associated with cloud deployments. We can assist in the selection of emerging technologies such as NoSQL/Data Grids, serverless compute, and elastic resource provisioning.

Expert-Led Enterprise Cloud Assessment Workshops

We offer a series of cloud assessment workshops designed to accelerate your journey to the cloud. During these workshops, we will work with you to develop an approach for building a cloud strategy based on your unique business requirements.

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