Rethinking the Data Center

Dramatic and swift market changes drive the need for digital transformation. To stay innovative and competitive, companies must rethink and advance the way they use data center technology so they can reach the insights needed to change an industry or create new markets.

Datatrend has experience working with enterprises to transform and optimize their data centers. We take a consultative approach to providing customers with data center solutions and services that open up new possibilities for business growth.

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Digital Transformation Demands on the Data Center

Digital transformation relies on the capabilities of backend systems, such as the data center. For example, as edge computing changes the way companies engage with users and customers by moving data processing to the edge of the network, it also creates the demand for increased scale and speed of performance.

DevOps is another area that must be supported by new approaches to the data center. Private, public, and hybrid cloud models support DevOps through scalability and infrastructure flexibility. However, data center environments also need to provide reliability, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery, as well as support for data-intensive applications.

The data center must be equipped to handle edge computing, advanced applications, and software-defined solutions while still leveraging investments in traditional applications.

Datatrend Services for the Evolving Data Center

Datatrend has more than 30 years of experience equipping large enterprises with data center solutions, including server, storage, network, security, and automation, as well as cloud enablement and management tools.

Our data center consultants have assisted some of the largest organizations with the entire lifecycle of their data center project, from data center strategy and plan development to data center builds and migrations, and beyond. We conduct IT infrastructure assessments and IT discovery services and offer optimization based on the findings. Our services extend into data protection through business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR).

We can help companies achieve seamless data migrations between systems and/or databases and to the cloud. Our team also handles platform and operating systems migrations, including mainframe, UNIX, Linux, and Windows server and application migrations.

For organizations contemplating the cloud, we perform cloud readiness assessments and implementation. We can handle private and hybrid cloud design and build projects.

Other data center consulting services include:

  • Short and long-term IT staffing solutions
  • ITIL process and standards framework consulting
  • Automation and orchestration planning and implementation
  • Software Conversions
  • Server and Storage Consolidations

Our decades of data center expertise and project management means that you get the business outcomes you are after. We invest in experienced data center engineers who can evaluate alternatives using real-world scenarios, not guesswork.

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