The World is at the Edge

Technology infrastructure has been moving to the edge. Applications and workloads are being run in private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud. At the same time, intelligent, connected devices are being deployed at the edge of the network.

This shift to the edge is driven by a need to know more information more quickly so organizations can make faster decisions and be more responsive to customers. The internet of things (IoT) and mobile devices generate huge volumes of data at the edge, and this data must be processed at the edge if your company wants to perform real-time data analytics for actionable insights.

Edge infrastructure promotes innovation, increases your competitive advantage, and enhances user experience for greater customer retention and employee satisfaction. Datatrend can help you realize these goals.

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Changing the Game With Datatrend

Today’s most innovative and dominant companies have taken advantage of edge infrastructure technology. Some of these companies have changed their industries forever. Edge computing and analytics empower these companies to capture entire markets.

Datatrend edge infrastructure offerings can make your vision of being one of these groundbreaking companies a reality. Our IoT team can help you combine innovations in sensors and analytics with network and communications technologies to achieve edge computing.

We have the design, integration, and implementation skills needed to create an edge infrastructure architecture so you can reach decision makers directly in real time. Our ecosystem of leading technology partners equips us to bring your edge infrastructure plan to life.

We are a Cisco Gold Partner, specializing in networking. Our certified Cisco expertise ensures your company can build an edge infrastructure that is supported by the top network tools, including cloud managed products from Cisco Meraki.

Combining Tradition With Innovation

Edge computing combines traditional technologies in new ways to expand their reach and support both service and infrastructure workloads. More applications are moving to the cloud, and endpoints are proliferating, creating the need for a new architecture that locates computing capacity at the edge of the network. The network must offer robust security, ultra-low levels of latency, and high levels of performance to power advanced analytics and automation applications.

Edge computing drives data volumes to new levels while shortening the useful lifespan of data. To get maximum value from your data, you must process it, derive insights from it, and act on these insights as fast as possible. Datatrend’s distributed and deep data center skills work together to help you gain value from data generated at the edge.

We have a long, successful history of multi-site deployments of devices and edge networks, ISV, and OEM solutions. Our experience managing the logistics of these projects results in a maximum return on your edge innovation investments.

What Are You Doing at the Edge?

Your organization may already have an edge or IoT initiative in place or you may be considering one in the future. By having Datatrend help you intelligently design your edge infrastructure, you place your organization in the best possible position to capitalize on those initiatives.

Datatrend infrastructure experts are ready to talk shop so that you can take your technology architecture to the edge and beyond.