The World is at the Edge

Organizations and startups are driving innovation, competitive advantage, and employee retention at the edge of the network. There is a shift occurring in corporate technology infrastructure – applications and workloads are moving to private, public, or hybrid cloud, and at the same time, more intelligent devices are being deployed at the edge of the network. This is driven by a need to know more sooner, to respond faster in your business. The rapid growth of the internet of things (IoT) and real-time data analytics allows better and faster business decisions. The edge connects your business directly to consumers, business users, processes, and partners to get the facts you need and to respond quickly.

Datatrend Can Help You Change the Game

Companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook have exploited edge technology to innovate and dominate industries. Uber has changed the transportation paradigm permanently. One of the big technology enablers in all of these has been exploiting edge computing and analytics around the data to capture markets.

Datatrend’s IoT team can turn your vision into reality.  Edge computing combines new innovations in sensors and analytics with more traditional communications technologies to enable businesses to reach the decision-makers directly, in real-time. We have the design and integration skills, implementation reach, and an ecosystem of partners ready to bring innovation to life.

Combining Traditional and New

At its heart, edge computing expands the reach, and radically improves cycle times of traditional technologies by combining them in new ways. Datatrend’s long history of IT infrastructure, multi-site deployments of devices and edge networks, ISV, & OEM solutions, combined with the project management experience for logistics of such projects, provides a unique value to drive business outcomes for edge innovation investments.

Edge computing (sometimes referred to as “fog” computing – like on the edge of the “cloud”) drives new levels of data volume, but also shortens data value lifespan. You must ingest, decide, and respond as fast as possible at the edge, while still cost effectively harvesting insight over time from ever-growing streams of data. Doing this reliably and cost effectively is where our distributed and deep data center skills combine for success.

What Are You Doing at the Edge?

Many organizations have an edge or IoT initiative in place, and the majority expect those initiatives to increase rapidly. By having Datatrend help you intelligently design your edge infrastructure, you place your organization in the best possible position to capitalize on those initiatives.

Datatrend infrastructure experts can ensure your push to the edge is successful!