Faster Time to Business Outcomes for You and Your Customers

Datatrend partners with independent software vendors (ISVs) to design custom infrastructure optimized for their applications, delivering a turnkey solution you can trust. This accelerates the sales cycle, reduces configuration issues, ensures a predictable outcome, and improves customer satisfaction.

Infrastructure Matters

A strong infrastructure solution is an essential prerequisite for the successful implementation of software solutions and an ISV’s short and long-term business objectives. Infrastructure can serve as a value-added advantage and competitive differentiator with consistent, repeatable implementation while fulfilling core requirements for reliability, affordability and customer specifications.

Datatrend can help move beyond reference architecture to develop an optimized, performance-tuned, purpose-built appliance with a certified bill of materials (BoM) and white-glove integration services. The infrastructure your software runs on can dramatically impact customer satisfaction. However, many ISVs are unable to invest in the skills and resources necessary to provide hardware and support. Datatrend fills that gap.

Focus on Your Core Business – Partner for the “Other Stuff”

As an ISV, your expertise is in the software. Datatrend allows ISVs to stay focused on development and sales of their own solution and maintaining account control without having to invest in technical resources, hardware product expertise, solution integration capabilities, reseller status, certifications, procurement logistics, and implementation services. These services allow your team to focus on what you do best: your solution.

Datatrend can drop ship direct to end clients globally. For ISVs, this means you don’t have to assume title and run hardware through your books. Or, Datatrend can efficiently ship through an ISV/OEM. We can also provide global title transfer for our ISV partners and their end users.

Accelerate Your Time to Revenue and Customer Value

You deliver the software; we handle the hardware. Our inside integration resources work alongside your teams to ensure your customers get the right solution. Our partnerships with major OEMs provide maximum flexibility for you and your customers.

Datatrend offers a flexible delivery model with the ability to work with SaaS/IaaS, MSPs, cloud services, or fully integrated appliances installed on-premises at your customers’ data centers. Solutions can be sold direct from ISVs or through other partners or solutions. By outsourcing hardware procurement, integration, and implementation, Datatrend can help an ISV scale their current integration efforts.

With Datatrend’s flexible “sell with” model, ISVs do not need to take title and have hardware impact their financial. This allows ISVs to have better control over their margins while offering a value-added package. We can also provide end users with quick access to terms, as orders are directly received from the end user on behalf of the ISV. Datatrend understands and caters to the ISV sales process, operating with agility, speed, and value.

Datatrend can improve customer satisfaction, time to revenue, and business outcomes for ISVs.