Technical Staff Augmentation Elevated

Datatrend has taken our traditional staff augmentation services to the next level by offering Residency. This provides our clients with technical expertise to bridge skill gaps. The service is highly flexible and allows your organization to utilize a technical resource as long as needed.

Residency is more defined and accessible than typical staff augmentation. The resident has access to a larger set of resources and expertise within Datatrend. If your organization needs a supplemental skill, you can easily exchange Datatrend residents for the expertise you need.

Datatrend Staffing Options

Datatrend offers three types of Residency Services:

  • Technical Resident: Ideal if you have an issue that needs to be resolved before a project moves forward. Datatrend can provide you with a temporary expert with a specific skill set to fill knowledge gaps.
  • Operational Resident: Datatrend can provide a technical resource to keep systems running for short-term project needs.
  • Transitional Resident: Datatrend residents are able to provide knowledge transfer if you are moving to a new technology or platform. The resident has structured, repeatable processes to ensure a successful deployment.

Common Residency Engagements

Datatrend Residency goes beyond traditional staff augmentation. The resident can consult a network of technical and business experts for help with any technical issues you may have. If your organization needs a new skill, Datatrend will exchange a new resource for the expertise that you need.

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