Managing Infrastructure at Distributed Locations

Business needs fluctuate constantly and often require highly virtualized distributed offices. Business leaders are seeking answers to top challenges such as “how do I manage support, security, multi-site rollouts, and analytics for my organization?”  Perhaps your organization is expanding into a new region, implementing an application that requires upgraded infrastructure, or addressing evolving business requirements. These changes are typically more straightforward to manage at the corporate office, however, how do you support your remote locations, as your requirements change when focusing on multiple sites? Datatrend can help you select the best options for your multi-location environment.

Diverse Expertise That Scales to Your Needs

Datatrend has experience as a technical extension of the largest enterprises in the field. Our network of certified technicians can handle anything from new fiber optic cable runs, branch office server upgrades, complex IoT deployments, and enterprise-wide technology upgrades, whether at 50 or 1,000 locations. Our team has helped organizations meet their unique requirements in nearly every industry including healthcare, hospitality, retail, financial, and transportation.

Project Management, Logistics, & Customer Support

Every engagement begins with a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique needs. An integrated team of design consultants, site surveyors, structured cabling installers, certified technicians, and project managers is assembled to assist with every aspect of the project. Datatrend is experienced dealing with unique environments, environmental challenges, and regulatory challenges, all while understanding your specific business requirements. Our long history of multi-site deployments has prepared us for nearly every possible contingency, ensuring your deployment is completed on time and on a budget so you can focus on your business.

Datatrend can ensure your deployments are a success!