It’s Not IF You’ll be Breached but WHEN – And How You Respond

The number of cybersecurity threats that businesses face is rapidly increasing every year. Those threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, often successfully targeting authorized users bypassing firewalls and credential requirements. Sophisticated security solutions are required if you want to keep your data, applications, and organization safe.

There is no single process, solution, or new technology that can protect your organization from all the threats you face. It is critical that you take a layered approach to your security systems to protect users and devices while monitoring continually for anomalies so you can act quickly and decisively when a threat is detected.

Datatrend Cybersecurity Innovates Beyond Just Building Walls

Datatrend has select solutions focused on high value aspects of data security. Traditional firewalls, antivirus, and similar technologies are still required. However beyond those basic necessities, Datatrend is working with industry-leading partners to innovate beyond the traditional solution approaches, which also monitor behavior and machine learning to identify anomalous behavior and protect your data from external and internal threats.

It takes a village (of tools and processes) to stop cybercrime, and Datatrend has invested in some unique toolsets to focus where others don’t

Reducing Your Risk Profile

Every organization has a unique environment and culture. We invite you to see how Datatrend can help strengthen your village in areas you may not have looked but certainly the bad guys have… or will soon.

Datatrend’s security experts will work closely with you to design and implement a security plan that is as unique as you are.