Accelerate Time to Revenue

Clients and end users demand reliable IT solutions that are always available, flexible to scale, and integrate with their existing systems. To accomplish that, many different technologies and skills are needed, and workloads require automation and orchestration. With Datatrend’s industry-leading knowledge and expertise, we offer innovative, industry-leading solutions, while reducing operating costs and accelerating revenue growth.

Datatrend provides solutions for varying types of service providers, including colo providers, SaaS providers, and software companies needing to offer their software as a service (as opposed to a one-time license fee), or on-premises.

Leave the Technology to Us

There may be multiple ways to deploy your solution. Whether you are utilizing a public service like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, deploying a private cloud in a box, or creating a hybrid cloud combination, Datatrend can help.

The Datatrend engineering team can help with architecting and integrating your infrastructure. Our project management office can help with field deployments or multi-site coordination, including communications or IoT device placement.

Experience Matters

Datatrend has been working with independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and the largest enterprises for over 30 years. Leverage our knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible solution to your customers.

  • Consulting & Architecting/ Design In
  • Testing & Certification
  • Pre-sales Engineering / Co-selling Support
  • Custom Branding & Packaging
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement & inventory (e.g. pre-staging)
  • Configuration: standardization & implementation
  • Staging, integration, assembly, burn-in; deployment prep
  • Migration Services
  • Installation
  • Shipping & logistics management (central U.S. integration facility; international shipping)
  • Custom online ordering and tracking portal
  • Superior customer Service and Support
  • Global on-site support through leading infrastructure brands


By engaging Datatrend to fulfill your infrastructure needs, your team can focus on your solution and your clients can see an increase in service levels.