Enabling You to Deliver Complete Solutions

You can leverage Datatrend’s breadth and depth of resources & capabilities to complement your products and/or services. The idea is that two are better than one, and by combining resources, you and Datatrend, together, can deliver faster time to value along with the business outcomes your customers demand.

Keeping the Right Focus

Your focus is making it easier for your customers to obtain your products, solutions, or services. Our focus is helping you do just that. Partnering with Datatrend means that together we can deliver more for customers than either of us could do individually.

Flexibility is Key

Datatrend will accommodate your desired business model – supporting your solutions either “with” you or “through” you:

  • “With you” means we work side-by-side to deliver a joint value proposition to the customer. Together, our complementary solutions fit the client’s needs seamlessly.
  • “Through you” means you can easily incorporate what you need from us into your sales and billing motion, whether it is a services capability or a product/device. Datatrend remains “invisible” as we extend your capabilities with ours.

Solution Providers We Serve

Datatrend partners with many different kinds of solution providers, including:

  • LSPs (LAN Service Providers) – Also known as HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) service providers, these companies partner with Datatrend to leverage our capabilities around site assessments/surveys, wireless access point mapping, structured cabling, multi-site deployment services, edge/access point hardware, and project management services.
  • CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) – These firms provide cloud-based offerings to their end customers and look to Datatrend for the infrastructure (servers, storage, networking) and the cabling infrastructure to support the applications.
  • MSPs (Managed Service Providers) – Companies who provide hosted applications/services (IT as a Service) rely on Datatrend to help them provide a defined set of services and service level expectations through crisp configuration of infrastructure (servers, storage, networking) and the supporting cabling infrastructure.
  • POS (Point of Sale) Solution Providers – These are companies with a POS application or device who need Datatrend’s expertise in providing structured cabling and/or multi-site deployment services. We also recognize the shift in the market, as the point of service is becoming untethered from the point of sale. Thus, the next-generation POS requires a differentiated approach to deliver an improved service experience. We help our partners move with the customer to where value is actually created.
  • DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) Providers – Companies who provide cellular network signal extension/enhancement look to Datatrend for site assessments/surveys, structured cabling, multi-site deployment services, and networking hardware.
  • Consulting Services Providers – Datatrend helps these firms fill the “gaps” by providing application discovery and mapping services, staff augmentation, multi-site deployment services, and more.
  • Other (The Possibilities are Endless) – Datatrend partners with many other types of solution providers, including:
    • Electronic queuing solutions
    • Energy management solutions
    • Location based services
    • Network support services
    • If you are an ISV, click here
    • If you do not see your area of specialization listed here, just ask! Please contact us to inquire into partnering with Datatrend.

The Value of 1+1=3

Take advantage of our experience, expertise, and business focus to make a difference for your company.  We are agile, flexible, and easy to do business with. Datatrend would appreciate the opportunity to bridge all your needs and partner for mutual success.

Partnering with Datatrend delivers a strong mutual value proposition for your customers.

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