Storage Solutions for Today’s Increased Volume, Variety, and Velocity of Data

Data is the lifeblood of your organization, and growing faster than ever. It also comes in many different forms, combining your corporate structured data with unstructured data from social, video, and other sources. Additionally, increased requirements for a reliable data protection & security solution and regulatory compliance need to be addressed cost-effectively.

Businesses are relying on their data to provide a competitive advantage and capitalize on emerging business opportunities. This dependence creates unique challenges. Data has to be located, classified, and analyzed to discover what is valuable to the business.  Moreover, access must be provided to users and systems that need the data, while ensuring it is protected from misuse, attack, or destruction.

Datatrend Architects Storage Solutions to Address Your Data Challenges

Datatrend’s experienced storage engineers work to understand your business requirements. We assess your current infrastructure to design a solution that optimizes your current storage environment to meet your business objectives, ensuring security, protection, and performance.

Our team incorporates a mix of technologies, including disk, flash, object, cloud, storage virtualization, and software-defined storage solutions. This ensures previous storage investments are maximized while providing a path for growth to meet shifting business requirements.

Best-of-Breed Storage Solutions

Datatrend works with leading storage manufacturers, including Actifio, IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, and other emerging manufacturers. Our team will assess your current infrastructure and business requirements to optimize your storage environment.

We are experienced in capacity planning and we can outline how to reduce the amount of data you need to store, even as the volume of data increases. Datatrend maintains an unyielding focus on security and data protection. We also help minimize or eliminate data and storage management challenges.

Datatrend’s storage solution experts can help you identify opportunities to optimize your current environment and maximize your investment in future technology.