Storage Solutions for Meeting Today’s Big Data Challenges

Data volumes are growing faster than ever as endpoints and connected devices generate endless streams of information. Data is becoming more difficult to organize because it is increasingly unstructured, originating from social media channels, video feeds, and other complex sources. Stricter requirements for data protection, security, and regulatory compliance also need to be addressed cost-effectively.

At Datatrend, we understand that you are relying on data to provide a competitive advantage and capitalize on emerging business opportunities. We offer storage solutions that help you locate, classify, and analyze data to gain more value from it. Our team can also ensure that authorized users and systems can access the data without allowing it to be misused, compromised, stolen, or destroyed.

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Datatrend: Architecting Custom Storage Environments

Datatrend’s certified and experienced storage engineers work to understand your business requirements. We assess your current infrastructure so we can design a solution that optimizes your current storage environment to meet your business objectives, ensuring security, protection, and performance.

Our team incorporates a mix of technologies, including disk, flash, object, cloud, storage virtualized, mainframe, and software-defined storage solutions. We have the tools you need to maximize previous storage investments while moving forward to meet shifting business requirements. We can provide staff augmentation to cover skills gaps in areas such as mainframe.

Datatrend is experienced in capacity planning so we can outline how to reduce the amount of data you need to store, even as the volume of data increases. We help minimize or eliminate data and storage management challenges and maintain an unyielding focus on security and data protection.

Through our partnership with Actifio, we offer copy data management (CDM). A single, virtual image of your company’s data can be created to reduce your storage footprint, keep your data secure, and enable backup and swift recovery.

Datatrend Storage Solution Partnerships

Datatrend works with leading storage manufacturers so we can offer best-in-breed solutions to our clients. We have partnerships with industry leaders, such as Actifio, IBM, Dell EMC, and HPE, as well as emerging manufacturers.

We have achieved the status of Actifio Elite Partner, IBM Platinum Business Partner, HPE Silver Partner, and Dell Technologies Platinum Partner. These partnership levels show our dedication to earning and maintaining certifications in leading storage technologies.

Our team will assess your current infrastructure and business requirements to determine which solutions from these top OEMs will help you make the most of your storage environment.

Our storage experts can help you optimize your current environment to get more return on your technology investments.