Change Is Constant

Your business is constantly changing. You add or move staff, open branch offices or facilities, upgrade and deploy new technologies, and increase bandwidth demands. Sometimes your staff can often handle these changes at the corporate office, but how do you manage change at remote locations?

Datatrend Has a Multi-National Network of Certified Technicians

Datatrend has a 30+ history working with enterprises with many branch locations. Our network of certified technicians has become the local support our clients depend on. This work began with our expertise in structured cabling installations and has expanded well beyond.

Our network of certified technicians can help orchestrate all of your moves, adds, and changes requirements. The services we provide include:

  • Move or deploy wireless access points
  • Add, move, or remove workstations, kiosks, or digital displays
  • Move or install POS devices
  • Change router and switch configurations at the branch level
  • Widescale technology deployment or upgrade system software
  • Reconfigure cabling and patch panels
  • Upgrade and test high speed internet access (HSIA) to remote locations
  • Add or expand network cabinets
  • Re-cable local networks or upgrade to fiber

Need Remote Help? We Are Here to Help

Our expert technicians are available to perform moves, adds, and changes with little or no disruption to your operations. We can ensure 24×7 uptime for all of your mission-critical applications. Our end-to-end MAC services will mitigate concerns and allow your organization to focus on what you do best. With Datatrend, you have direct contact with your account team, project management, and logistics coordinators to ensure your project is completed on time and with the results you want.

Datatrend’s team is available to help you plan your project.

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