Darren WaldrepDarren is the vice president of alliances and a corporate evangelist for Datatrend Technologies. He has filled various other roles including MIS director, controller, and vice president of marketing. Darren enjoys helping individuals, teams, and companies develop to their full potential through team building, results-driven strategic planning, accountable workplace execution, effective communication, impeccable customer satisfaction, and a commitment to excellence all around. In his current role, Darren focuses on building strong partnerships based on mutual value, business model alignment, and best practices, with the goal being the development of long-lasting relationships built on integrity, mutual trust, and respect. In past lives Darren dabbled in computer programming, UNIX administration, and database management. Darren is a proud Longhorn (University of Texas graduate) and likes to volunteer, travel, read, write, bike, and play tennis competitively. Darren has a stepdaughter Sarah, a stepson Andy, and a son Aaron, and is honored to be married to Laura, with whom he shares his life along with their two Westies.