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IBM Storage
Datatrend delivers expertise and results when it comes to helping clients evaluate, select, and deploy data storage solutions. We will help you improve data storage efficiency and information access with IBM based solutions that are easy to use and powerful enough to control massive storage growth.

Our IBM Business Partner Innovation Center is also ready to assist with demos, testing, benchmarks, and more. We are well-versed in the best practices for integrating and installing IBM data storage systems, and we keep up-to-speed on all the latest technologies so that we can share that expertise with you, our client.

So go ahead, explore the full line of IBM storage offerings. Then, contact Datatrend and let us put our powerful IBM partnership to work for you.

Featured Solutions:

  • IBM XIV Solutions – With its many groundbreaking attributes, IBM XIV is creating a lot of buzz in corporate boardrooms and in the trade media. The XIV Storage System makes enterprise storage easier to manage, faster, and more secure… at the lowest possible overall cost. It is the first single-architecture storage system in the industry and is based on a disruptive (grid) technology and designed to support key current and future business requirements.
  • IBM Storwize Solutions – Learn about the IBM Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified virtualized storage systems for powerful workload consolidation, highly scalable capacity, and simplicity of management, with real-time compression. Also learn about the IBM Storwize V3700 for entry-level storage optimization designed to meet the needs of small and midsize businesses.
  • IBM FlashSystem – Formerly Texas Memory Systems (TMS), IBM FlashSystem offers comprehensive Flash optimized storage infrastructure solutions that are designed to help companies improve system performance and reduce critical issues in the data center such as server sprawl, power consumption, cooling, and floor space requirements. These solutions help organizations save money, improve performance and invest more in innovation. The FlashSystem portfolio includes Shared Flash Storage, In-Server PCIe Flash Storage, and Shared RAM Storage.
  • IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) – Helps tackle the challenge of managing storage growth cost effectively and make better use of existing storage without adding more complexity to the infrastructure. SVC provides a flexible, responsive, and efficient storage environment. It is designed to deliver the benefits of storage virtualization in environments from large enterprises to small businesses and midmarket companies.
  • IBM N series – These products provide a unified storage solution where a single storage system has the capability of supporting mission critical applications at a reduced operational cost. N series systems can help you tackle the challenge of effective data management by using virtualization technology and a unified storage architecture. The IBM System Storage N series delivers low- to high-end enterprise storage and data management capabilities with midrange affordability.

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