VDI – Virtual Desktop Integration

Desktop Virtualization – A Virtual Advantage

With desktop virtualization, users enjoy the benefits of a desktop machine, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a centralized system, with efficient updates and management, better security and cost management. Update every user’s software from a single location, securing sensitive information, and enjoying a lower cost of ownership per user.
VDI Benefits:

  • data security
  • efficient backup
  • reduced IT equipment costs
  • centrally managed software installation, updates and patches
  • more time and resources available for priority initiatives and innovation

Datatrend helps plan, deploy and mange these and other VDI solutions:

  • Atlantis VDI
  • USX
  • VMware HorizonView


VMware Horizon View offers a unique and compelling functionality called AppVolumes which are like“App Containers”  attached to a Virtual Desktop image, appearing on a user’s desktop as if they were an integrated part of the image versus being attached after the fact. This allows enterprise admins to grant application access, singly or in app groups, to users based on their login identity, attached or detached on the fly where applications appear (or disappear) in seconds on the virtual desktop. In large VDI or Windows 10 environments, functionality can drastically reduce the administration time on image maintenance, where applications can be attached to the desktop post image boot or deployment. Read more on this VMware Horizon View and AppVolumes in the blog post, “VMworld 2015: Truly ‘Ready for Any!‘”

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