Simplify… Optimize… Save… When you Virtualize Your Enterprise

Virtualization solutionsEvery day, you’re faced with the challenge of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Perhaps you are struggling with the proliferation of servers and storage devices, and the soaring power and cooling costs that go along with it. Or you’re seeing a constant burden on available systems management time and skills. You may be asking yourself … Am I really making the best use of my IT investments and resources? Virtualization solutions could be your answer.

By using virtualization technology to consolidate multiple smaller servers and storage devices onto fewer, larger machines, many organizations have achieved significant “wins” in the form of reduced datacenter footprints, lower energy bills, and more centralized management.

Virtualization solutions can be applied to servers, storage, desktops, and more. And cloud computing often leverages virtualization technologies and approaches. Datatrend specializes in virtualization solutions for a variety of server types and operating environments, as well as storage systems.

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