POS and Retail Kiosks

Point of Sale (POS) terminals and self-service kiosks are widely used in the Retail industry.

A robust, smoothly functioning POS system is vital to the successful operations of retail stores. Kiosks for customer use (e.g. ticket purchasing or wedding registry) can be a differentiator for retailers attracting and retaining customers.

POS and Retail Kiosks are networked technologies that depend on a solid network infrastructure. The infrastructure includes structured cabling, network devices, application software, wireless access points (in many cases), and several other elements working in sync to deliver a superior experience for staff members and guests. And for retailers with multiple locations across several geographies, upgrading or implementing a POS and Retail Kiosks solution or performing a technology rollout can be a logistical challenge.

Digital Kiosk
Datatrend can manage a POS and Retail Kiosks implementation/rollout with minimal disruption and superior results. Our experience in the retail industry, in conducting multi-site technology rollouts, and in the technologies themselves enables us to successfully design, deploy, test, and support a new or upgraded solution. We manage every project with precise attention to detail to ensure the project completes on time and within budget.

We can also help you with vendor selection (e.g. POS devices, kiosk manufacturers, content providers, etc.) and with post-implementation support including moves, adds, and changes.

Retailers need confidence in their POS and kiosk solutions, and Datatrend will ensure the all-important network infrastructure is built to support them with superior performance.

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