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IoT Consulting Services

Datatrend’s IoT Consulting makes IoT concepts reality, at scale. We help on the solution development side, often in partnership with ISVs and OEMs, to build the application performance-tuned infrastructure solutions. Our IoT consulting experts know how to make it real, getting the pieces in place, assembled, built and deployed.  Our decades of network deployment, expertise and standards development can help in early planning to preempt and overcome challenging sites and scenarios.

Solid, Flexible IoT Infrastructure, Strategic IoT Architecture

Solid, flexible, customized infrastructure that enables creating the most strategic architecture for solving the highest priority business objectives for your business needs.

Take Advantage of Optimized M2M

M2M communication / automation for business efficiency and profitability – with an automated business strategy, enabling employees to spend their time on finding solutions, streamline processes, improving communications with all team members.

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