Since the inception of AIX in the late eighties and the days of the “RT” and “RS/6000”, to today’s POWER 7 and AIX 7 solutions. Datatrend has been an industry leader in AIX/POWER Services:

AIX and Power logos

  • AIX Workload Performance Tuning
  • AIX Workload Problem Determination and Resolution
  • High Availability Design and Implementation
  • AIX System Administration Best Practices Review
  • AIX and POWER Infrastructure Health Checks
  • AIX Operating System Version Migration
  • Solaris and UX Migration to AIX
  • AIX Server Configuration Sizing
  • AIX/POWER Capacity Planning
  • AIX/POWER Server Consolidation Project Planning
  • AIX/POWER Virtualization Project Planning
  • AIX/POWER Solutions Consulting
  • AIX/POWER System Administration Staff Augmentation


We offer a technology briefing service where we collaborate with clients on needs and then deliver a tailored briefing or deep dive into the latest AIX and POWER capabilities. We cover in detail how organizations can leverage advanced functions in order to optimize or to deploy solutions that meet scaling, performance, and availability objectives.
AIX/POWER Services
Datatrend’s IT Optimization Pro tool set can be leveraged to determine resource utilization and credentialed inventory data necessary to size and plan out consolidation and/or virtualization initiatives involving AIX/POWER, other UNIX and Wintel/x86 server environments.

Have non-IBM UNIX systems (e.g. Oracle/Sun, HP-UX) or older IBM AIX systems? Learn how you can achieve better ROI and TCO with a free UNIX Server Environment Analysis which provides incredibly comprehensive information about how you can improve performance, efficiencies, and ease of management … plus dramatically reduce your costs!

Datatrend also offers membership in one of the largest and longest running AIX User Groups in the world. Join the Datatrend AIX User Group today.